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What is Animated Video Development?

May be you are having trouble explaining who you are and what you do to rest of the world. May be you are too close to your product of marketing to create a compelling message. You may have amazing ideas, but do you know how to communicate it to your users? That is where animated video comes in. It lets you bring your product to life and connect emotionally to users. Animated video development allows one to convey value propositions effectively. Animated videos are powerful and work because they activate both auditory and visual senses. Users remember more and are more likely to take action.


Are you feeling stuck between the devil (competitors) and the deep blue sea (struggling to get users’ undivided attention? Animated video development ismay be the way out. If you are facing difficulties in conveying your brand message and publicize it, and if you need interesting mechanisms to make your boring product eye catchy amidst your end users, animated videos are the best choice.

With the boom of multimedia, 2D and 3D video animation integrated with IT communication, telling stories have become easy and attractive. With the right technology and skilled team one can create interactive, engaging and empowering advertisement mode. Drive your conversion metrics with 60 seconds animated video development with our experts.

We never deliver run-of-the-mill work to clients rather we invest our time and resources to make our explainer videos inspiring and fit as a fiddle for clients’ business goals. At Digital Marketing Xperts, we don’t consider the task of animated video development as a separate marketing strategy but we blend it with existing company digital branding. Our animators, designers, and content developers love to tell stories via animation. Let us tell your story!

Score your business to new heights with our video development services. We provide following animated video development services:


2D and 3D Animation Services Our 2D and 3D videos are pleasing to both eyes and pockets.

  1. 3D motion graphics.
  2. 3D modeling and photo realism.
  3. 2D and 3D character animation and product visualization.
  4. Unlimited Revisions.
  5. Synching background music.
Whiteboard Services Whiteboard video services are best for explainer videos like product descriptions, etc. in shopping websites.

  1. Fully HD format
  2. Script-Writing.
  3. Storyboard production.
Corporate Video Production We provide effective, Compelling and Engaging corporate animated video production.

  1. Scene by scene making of story.
  2. Synching background music.
  3. Personalizing office or characters with real time officers.
Animated Videos for Promotional Ads. Promotional ads should be short, crisp and attention grabbing. Our professionals have 5+ years of experience in designing promotional ads.

  1. Constant feedback requested from clients.
  2. All industry genres- e-learning, event promotion, product, etc.
Animated Storyboards. We rollout a comprehensive sketched storyboard to animated video which is to be made. Once it gets approved by client, we take the project forward towards production.
Script Writing. We provide conversational and punchy script with good conversational flow to suit the needs of intended message.

  1. We work with clients’ to incorporate their vision, goals and ideas.
  2. Scripts are punchy and interactive.
  3. In-house team of animation script writers.
Performance Monitoring If you want to monitor how your ads or general videos are performing, our analytics experts can monitor that.


Affordable animated video development services

We have strict project milestones and project layout.

In-house team of video animators, developers and designers.

Unlimited changes up-till end of the project.

No project delays or budget overruns.