Advantages of E-commerce over traditional commerce

Over the last decade, the world has seen an exponential growth of internet and as well as the other modes of digital communication technologies. The advent of multiple social media platforms, rising tendency of technology adoption like smart phones and tablets, has prepared a very strong base for modern E-commerce industry in all across the world. Starting from its primordial stage of online travel and tourism, today, E-commerce has successfully escalated its reach towards multiple directions, including banking, textile, electronics, household items, books and many more.Due to the quick and convenient mode of exchanging goods and services, modern day folks are dodging the traditional forms of commerce.

In E-commerce what you need is just a perfect idea that fits with market trends, unique products and a well a designed web store front. This makes it economically convenient then other traditional forms of commerce.Below I have explained some reason which would clarify the advantages of e-commerce over the traditional modes of business.

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E-commerce Traditional commerce



Modern day social life is very complex. No one wants to waste time. With the home delivery system, E-commerce gives us the opportunity to save a lot of time.

Traditional forms of business transactions depend on  man to man interaction. You, as a customer, always need to visit to the market.



All E-commerce platforms run on internet based services. As a result of this, all E-commerce platforms possess a world wide reach. It is beyond any regional, national boundary.  

Unlike  E-commerce , traditional form commerce is limited to geographical boundaries any many other stringent set of legal issues.



Physical hustling

With a single click , you can order your dream product.You do not need to go to a crowded market. E-commerce provides you a relief from everyday hustling of a crowded market.  

Traditional forms of commerce is incapable of providing any of such facility. Moreover,this is not suitable for physically challenged and old folks.  



Comparative analysis

Here, a customer can shuffle between hundreds of available option. He can compare between various brands and their prices.


In case of traditional commerce, often people are attached to their favourite brands. Traditional forms of business don’t allow you to look around a wide variety of options.



Cost effictive

Today almost every one of us is suffering from high prices of fossil fule. with home delivery system, E-commerce saves your petrol and diesel , thus saving your money too. Besides products available in online platforms are comparatively cheaper than those of  regular markets and shops.  


Here you have to spend a lot of money on petrol and diesel  and with it, most of the products and services available in regular markets and shops are comparatively possess high prices.



24*7 avaliability

In case of E- marketing A customer can order for a product at any point of time.  

Most of the local markets and shops run for a certain period of time. If you visit to a local market to at the midnight, you will not find anything.



Customer care & feedback

E-commerce enables you to take care of your clients.

E-commerce website provides user an opportunity to write down their feedback through which they can identify needs and demands of customers.

Due to the inconvenient communication, and as well as reluctance ,most of the traditional and local forms of businesses have failed to establish good relationship with customers. Here, the customer care service is slow.




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