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Digital Marketing ‘ Present,Past,Future’ Strategy

A reflection back into the past can prove to be a great source of learning experience. It is similar with digital marketing. We are one of the digital marketing agency in delhi with the best of digital experts. With the help of varied white papers and experts’ opinion, our digital marketing agency in india brings to you a set of digital advertising milestones which marked the beginning of evolutionary changes in the world of digital marketing and online advertising.

A   sneak peek into history can go a long way in indicating if you are investing in the right resources at present. Or where you might be going wrong in your digital marketing strategy? Or if your marketing techniques lag behind the needs of changing times?

Indeed, digital marketing is not an ancient marketing mode. But still the speed with which digital marketing and your competitor world have improvised their tools and techniques make 2000 techniques seem historical.

Vast changes have been brought. Lets’ see how digital marketing agency has changed:


  • Targeting in dark to data-based targeting.

Online marketing was not a popular marketing medium in earlier times. Forget about being inevitable. It was because of the absence of data, such as geographical location, gender, industry, age, etc. Online marketing was equivalent to targeting in dark.


Advent of data based targeting brought a revolution in digital marketing. Advanced tools are now available to track customer behavior, preferences, etc. to improve consumer experience and conversion metrics to help digital marketing agency delhi

  • Rich Media.

Today’s digital advertisements have less content, but more imageries but there was a time when all digital ads were text dominated. The first ever banner ad said- “Have you ever clicked your mouse right HERE?”


But now there are abundant options available for digital ads, including video, images, sound bites, etc. Variety of media compliments creation of a content which is more engaging and user friendly.


  • Pleasant and relevant native ads.

Do you remember those times when suddenly a flashy and noisy ad would come on the screen from nowhere? Digital Marketing has evolved from those days to become more sophisticated. Now, relevant ads pop up in a subtle manner or in cornered butvisible places. Increased rate of conversion only suggests that the change has worked in favour.


  • Algorithmic and automated advertising.

Right ads to right audience at right time. It is all even the digital marketing agency ask for. Programmatic ads have made it possible for marketers. Automated software and online available data keeps track of user behavior preferences, and buying history.


Algorithmic digital marketing has made marketing more targeted and more efficient.


  • Cross-channel marketing.

Data suggests users have become very informative and choosy now. Usage of cross-channels including, search, display, and social modes of marketing have become the deciding factors of purchase. So, without wasting time digital marketers have started to interconnect these channels for marketing. Along with augmented data, ads are being very specifically targeted to customers across varied platforms.


If you are a digital marketing agency  Delhi and you are yet not taking advantage of these changes, speed up-to these changes soon before your competitors leave you behind with this readily available knowledge.



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