How to Get Maximum Engagement from Social  Optimization Company?

Social Media Marketing has covered a long journey from being a mere cult to becoming a strong and powerful marketing tool on which even the biggest of SMO Company in Delhi and worldwide rely on.

Social Media Advertising and general social media marketing have become an inevitable digital marketing tool and strategies. More than 80% of SMO Companies in Delhi realize the importance of Social Media in generating brand awareness and engagement.

Our social media marketing experts list here some tips for SMO Company in Delhi and elsewhere, which you may use to create maximum engagement around your brand:

  • Increase time spent on Social Media Networks

Users spend most of their internet time on social media applications and platforms.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Facebook the king of all. Facebook has more than 700 million active users every day. Not that other social media plat forms is not efficient. Instagram, Pinterest, Snap chat, etc. are also popular amidst their audience.


In order to get maximum out of these, naturally you will have to spend more time on these. How to do that:


  • Unveil a new product- Make your social media audience feel special. Launch your new product there or make an announcement to the least. Use Emojis and try to stay funny.
  • Stream Live Videos- Tell your daily customers what you did during the day, some prank played on a colleague, etc.
  • BE Responsive and HYPER-ACTIVE- Interact with all those who tag you, respond to queries as fast as possible. People like pages and businesses with least ‘response time’. In particular you should learn how to handle complaints. Don’t go around removing them instead pay genuine heed to the problem and try to satisfy the customer.


  • Tell Stories

People love stories. A good marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all. Your posts should be amazing and new to your audience. People share those things with which they get amazed and interested.


  • Tailor your content- When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When Instagram is a graphic platform, Facebook is more about the combination of graphic, text and videos and YouTube is completely video oriented.
So, tailor-fit your content as per the social platform you are marketing on. One thing wouldn’t work on another. Create SMO Company in India more pics, graphics for Instagram and Pinterest and video and text content for Facebook and Twitter. Interact with them all.


  • Conduct Contests, Campaigns, etc.

Campaigns and contests are the best promotional methods on social media. You can sell products, do inbound marketing, etc. with them. Be as creative as you can. People like campaigns with social angles, or combination of festive season and ongoing trends, etc. Keep an eye on trends.


  • Educational Content Works

The content which users find useful gets shared the most. Tell them hacks, pros and cons, of using a particular thing, etc. Experiment with educational content.


  • Ask for Reviews

Maintain old visitors by asking them for reviews and pay genuine heed to any complaints.


  • Give out Freebies

Who doesn’t like getting free gifts? Giving coupons, and free gifts are the best way to build loyal customers. Give free content (how-tos, whitepapers, etc.) or give opportunity to them to be tagged with industry stars, etc.


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