Organic Vs Paid Social Media: What to Choose?

 “Bygone are the eras of User Engagement via Content Marketing, today’s buzzwords are ACQUISITION and CONVERSION.”

Reports suggest organic reach on Facebook is shrinking. Social Media Platforms are ramping up paid source of social media optimization by changing algorithms in order to earn higher revenues. No matter how simple above statement might seem, but it is true that engaging with users via content is not enough strategy to stay on top in ever increasing social world today. Even the Best SMO Company in Delhi are suggesting hopping onto ‘Interruption Marketing i.e. Paid Marketing’ from the FREE Bandwagon of ‘Permission Based Marketing’.

So the question remains, which is better? Organic Social Media Marketing or Paid Social Media Marketing?

Our  Top SMO Company in Delhi defines these terms in layman language.

Organic SMM use free tools to market a brand across users on social media. It takes time to build rapport amidst users via Organic SMO Strategy. This is why it is also known as ‘Permission Based Marketing’.

Paid SMM involves advertisements via display ads or sponsored messages to reach a selected set of users by targeting them using demographic profiling. The costs are generally incurred via CPC i.e. Cost per Click.

Which is better?

Organic Marketing is slow but it is ideal for building loyalty and trust amidst targeted users. It is also ideal for building community around your brand and engages them via shared interest and passion. Always focus on these three when employing organic marketing- i.e. Listen, Learn, and Respond. Organic Marketing gives the perfect opportunity to peek into what targeted users think, their likes & dislikes, etc. You can do that by interacting with them. Use hash-tags for group conversations to increase your chances of getting like-minded consumers.

Paid SMM is model social media optimization strategy if you want to convert and acquire social media users. It gives perfect tailor-made mechanism, if you want to reinforce core ideas about your brand. In terms of e-commerce industry, a huge number of people use social media to inspire by other users’ choices in clothing, technology, etc.

The beginning node of a lot of sales is embedded in social media.

You can refine your brand image by display advertising with the help of geo-targeting and demographic profiling.

Strategic Marriage between Organic and Paid

Both have their own uses and importance at least today. No matter you are starting out or already a market leader, as one of the SMO company in Delhi, we suggest you should have both Organic and Paid Social Media Optimization Strategy.

For those who are starting out in social world, you can leverage paid social media marketing to amplify your brand and content thereon.

Use Paid SMO for Micro-targeting (Interest based, Remarketing, building old followers) your brand relevant audience.

Keep capitalizing on Organic Social Media Optimization to build trust and loyalty with your target audience.

For more suggestions on social media marketing strategy, ask our SMO Company India.

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