SEO & SMO- A holistic approach towards complete digitization


The Digital India concept not only includes High speed bullet trains, Wifi enabled railway stations and universities but also allows us to create digitally modified commercial system in this country. With huge set of obstacles in the way, SEO service providers and SMO services in India has to play a pivotal role in this regard.

“Digital India” or complete digitization will only remain as a mythical epiphany if our common mass and as well as the domestic entrepreneurs do not focus their energy to it. In-fact, the agony is, even in the age of information and communication revolution, we have hundreds of local businesses and domestic investors in our country who are still faithfully attached with their clouded vision of traditional commerce and consider the modern digital approaches with a skeptical understanding. This is, perhaps the primary obstacle for any SEO & SMO service providers in India.

This certain type of thinking is nothing but a socio-economic dogma that needs to be cure as soon as possible. In this context, I must say that spreading awareness will be the only key to wipe out such kinds of old fashioned thinking. SEO and SMO services in this country can really play an important role in this aspect. Instead of only focusing on their own business they should also start awakening the common masses regarding the power of being digital. More precisely, they should undertake this as a firm responsibility of them and let the common masses know about the power of digital marketing services.


This would be a foolish ideology, if we simply overburden the prevailing government with the entire responsibility of digital India. As a responsible and socially awakened citizen of this country, we should also unleash the beast of information revolution and let it spread through the length and breadth of this subcontinent. Especially, SEO and SMO services providers in India need to take out a complete mass awakening campaign, highlighting the importance of digitization in this subcontinent. We have to make them aware about the benefits of digital and as well as SEO and SMO services.


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