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Lead Generation Service

What is Conversion Optimization and Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of generating customer’s interest in a company’s products and services for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. Conversion Optimization involves optimizing your website in such a way that it prompts the visitors to take specific actions when they visit a company’s website. These intended actions involve generating enough creativity for a customer to make him/her click on call-to-action buttons on landing pages such as ‘Buy’, ‘Download’, ‘Install’, ‘Refer a friend’, etc. Lead generation and Conversion Rate Optimization services help in changing a visitor into a prospective lead or customer


Do you know which web pages of your website are more liked by people? Do you know which web page should you put beside the golden position of ‘Homepage’? Do you know which fear is keeping your visitors from buying your products? Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation Services provide the answer to these questions.

Most of the times we end up designing our website as per how the boss or the owner or the designer like it, but to bring results which convert translate into real cash requires understanding what the customers’ like. Conversion Rate Optimization and lead generation services do not bet on hopes and guesses to prompt web visitors into taking action, rather it is a well defined science and art. It is a science because it involves the development of hypothesis, testing them and locking in the final results. It is an art because there is a limit to what developers and engineers can do on a website, beyond that it becomes the domain of creative group to give a website the right words.

We at Digital Marketing Xperts provide full-suite conversion optimization and lead generation solutions to companies worldwide. We are known for producing statistically accurate interpretation and results developed to produce more conversion. Our technical and creative teams are uniquely positioned to lift conversion rates and profits of companies.

We perform following functions before devising appropriate conversion optimization and lead generation strategies:

  1. Reviewing your business goals
  2. Detecting your target audience and their preferences
  3. Pros and cons of re-designing your website
  4. Gathering and analyzing data on a weekly basis
  5. PPC Services health check
  6. Heuristic analysis of your website to determine which are ‘areas of interests’ for your customers
  7. Testing and Sales Funnel Analysis

Our lead generation strategies will reduce the friction and enhance the clarity, user experience and trust of users on your website. It will be highly dependent on the type of your business to determine which the most important factor is for your clients, like In the health industry, more building ‘trust’ is more vital and deciding factor to determine lead generation and conversion than user experience.



We will find out from where your website is leaking money, and where the source of your hidden revenues lies. We run both qualitative and quantitative iterative tests to diagnose the underlying problem and increase your revenues per visit. We are 100% data driven team of developers, designers and writers who will become an extended part of your team.


Your site is a garbage and you need to give it a new look. After several rounds of testing, we will figure out the best treatment design for your website after several rounds of testing. Uncover your best areas with our conversion optimization re-designing and lead generation services. We dig deep and use proofs to understand what builds trust, enhances user experience (UX) and increase clarity of products for your prospective visitors.


Landing pages are those particular web pages or sections of your website on which visitors are diverted to when they click on your website’s link. Thank you pages are the pages which comes up when a visitor take any action on your website like filling forms, downloading software, etc. These two pages are the entry and exit points for a visitor and they go a long way in determining that with which impression a consumer will surf and leave your website.

If you are in the health industry, then naturally building customer trust will be the main goal for your landing pages and if you work in an Ecommerce Website Devlopment Company then user experience and trust will be main factors for consumers. So in nutshell landing pages have to be designed after keeping in mind that- What is important for your visitors: your credentials or your services or something else? Our lead generation strategies focus on these aspects of conversion rate optimization in great detail.


Revenue focused optimization approach is a fine blend of extensive research and creativity. To build most appropriate lead nurturing strategy and Conversion Rate Optimization strategy for clients, we go through a threefold process at first stage wherein we scan client’s website & products/ services, their competitors’ profiles and their visitors’ profiles. On the basis of that best possible hypotheses are developed and tested for with controlled trials. Following which, the results are evaluated and locked in.


It is an important part of research and development process of our lead generation services. Testing helps us figure out to the last detail that ‘What’s broken and what needs fixing?’ We develop best possible hypotheses for fixing all your website’s leaks. Testing involves the testing of various prototypes amidst a sample audience similar to your website’s visitors. Results are produced in regards to everything ranging from your analytics health check-up, copywriting, website designing, text used, etc.


Understanding underneath users’ psychology is crucial to knowing that what sticks in visitor’s mind. From our experience, we have seen lead generation rate, lead nurturing and conversion rate shooting up by bringing slight changes in a website like putting up a team picture on about us page, changing content to interactive language, putting trust symbols on website, making text readable, enhancing page load speed, etc.
Other than that, an appropriate remarketing strategy and planning is the best solution for nurturing leads and bringing back old visitors. Remarketing services will reduce the bounce rate of your website, bring your revenue health back to normal and target customers who are just a nudge away and require a push.


Do you know which web page is most popular in between your customers? Heat map analysis helps us find exactly that. The most popular pages of your website will be converted to become lead generation landing pages so visitors convert to become your customers. The reasons behind their likes and dislikes are also dig into and several different hypotheses are tested to optimize the entire website.

Our Process of Multivariate Testing

Digital Marketing Xperts follows a revenue focused approach towards lead generation and conversion rate optimization. At initial stage, we go through a threefold scanning process wherein an ample amount of insights are gathered by scanning the nature of client’s business, their competitors and visitor’s profile. On the basis of this research, a few test pages are developed and controlled tests are performed on existing pages with existing traffic and new pages with similar type of traffic. Our team develops best possible, data-driven, hypothesis and test pages.

Call to action buttons, headings, and many other aspects are tried and tested in the ‘test pages’. Along with that, prospective revenues are estimated for every prototype and most beneficial results are locked in.

Why Us?

Choose us because we provide ‘solutions that work’, we ‘dig deep’, and we use ‘proofs’ to increase client’s sales and revenues. Our conversion optimization and lead generation services will get you customers which are just a nudge away.