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What is Email Marketing?

E-mail marketing, as the name refers, is a type of online marketing system of conveying a commercial message to a group of potential customers. It is a process via which a company, a businessman or a merchant with the use of E-mail service, can easily send their commercial messages such as advertisements, business proposals and solicit sales to their targeted clients. The two technical necessities which are prerequisites for email marketing are an uninterrupted flow of internet service and an E-mail account.

Email Marketing Services

The primary aim of Email marketing revolves around a few key points:

  1. To promote a product and service across a large set of customers or clients
  2. To enhance the relationship between a merchant and customer
  3. To encourage customer loyalty
  4. To engage & acquire new customers
  5. To retain old customers

Historical prolegomenon

In 1978, when Gary Thuerk of Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) sent out a first mass email to at least 400 potential clients through an advance research project agency network (ARPANET, he never thought that this single effort, alone, could make up to $13 million worth of sales for DEC products. This was the first time when the potential of marketing via emails was unraveled.

Since then the world of information and communication technology has changed a lot and many technical achievements have phased out, except the utility of E-mails. With the rising number of internet and computer users the arena of this oldest digital medium is still spreading at a rapid growth, enriching the reach of email marketing.

Advantages of E-mail marketing

I. Building brand value and brand Awareness:-

E-mail marketing has the real capability to evolve your Brand value amongst your targeted customers. If the content is rich and engaging enough, your clients will definitely subscribe your newsletter and look forward to the next E-mail. By making your subscribers habitual towards your service, you enable them to recognize your brand’s reputation and let them associate it with positive sentiment. Once satisfied with authentic and attractive content, the same clients will also help in spreading your brand name amid other interested users at free of cost.

II. Diverged Content:-

E-mail marketing allows you to add different types of relevant data in one email. Your newsletter may contain diverse set of data, including blog posts, a new offer, an announcement of an upcoming event, information about discounts and a link to survey presented through infographics and statistical and edited images. They will make your message presentations more attractive, informative and engaging.

III. Repurposing your content: -

Often most of the companies go through quick summaries of their most popular blogs and link them to the articles from their newsletters. In this way they drag more subscribers to their websites and engage them with company content.

IV. Targeting customers:-

Every business has targeted clients. It’s like if you are selling an online science magazine you would love to target those who are connected to scientific study such as students, teachers, engineers and biologists and so on. E-mail marketing allows you to target potential clients. You can send business proposal to a group of people who seems to be already interested in your service.

V. Return on Investment: -

E-mail marketing when done properly can generate a high return on investment. With adequate investment, quality content and enough number of potential subscribers, Your Company can generate a high return on investment.

VI. Cost-effective:

In comparison to traditional marketing, Email marketing is cheap and fast. It provides a cost effective method of test your content.


Digital marketing Xperts is an online marketing service provider. Along with SEO and SMO, We provide all kinds of E-mail marketing services. Our Email marketing services are explained below

Direct mails

We provide direct mail facilities. Organizations list out a number of customers’ email addresses to send a direct promotional message. Here the messages are nothing but some special offers, catalog of products and services.

Transactional Email

Digital marketing Xperts provide all technical and nontechnical solutions related to transactional emails. These types of emails are triggered based on the customer’s actions with the company. The primary purpose of transactional emails is to convey information regarding the action that triggered it. Due to its high open rates, transactional email provides the best opportunity to engage customers.
With high-click through rate transactional emails tends to be very specific towards customer not like a simple thank you email for a successful deal strengthening your brand reputation.

Newsletter emails

This is a very effective way of providing your customers the lowdown of your brands at regular intervals.
Newsletter emails can be used as a tool of regular communication between merchant and customer.
You can leverage and push the existing content.
Less time consuming.

Mobile based email marketing

Email marketing can also be done with the use of smart phones and tablets. They include responsive emails.

Lead-nurturing Email

The purpose of lead-nurturing emails is to turn your subscriber into your customers.
They are time consuming, but a more-efficient way to engage with your subscribers.
These kind of emails have 4 -10 times response rate compared to standalone emails.

Email Marketing and Your Brand

Are you too busy to keep a track of your marketing schedule? Email Marketing Campaign Management Services will be a good option for your campaign. Our Email marketing Services have evolved into a huge space in these few years.

Your first impression is your last impression! Therefore giving you more stress as to how to make your email marketing more striking for the end user so they take interest and click on your call to action. Compared to other digital marketing services, with Email marketing Services the risk involved is extremely low and potential for reaching goals are high. Every consumer wants to hear new and different, it apparently have become a synonym of grabbing attention.

The foremost priority of email marketing is to be constant, it certainly needs continuous improvement. One needs to plan the marketing strategy and execute in the right direction so it reaches maximum goals. Another factor in email marketing will is switching gears. If one kind of planning doesn’t work, it is always better to prepare for other alternatives. The key factors of improving your email campaign will be knowing your priority and then work on it. Using a refined and improved campaign will be another added benefit to it. We in your best interest will be providing you with personalized emails which will help your customers connect with your brand effortlessly. Helping you with setting goals and understanding your priorities is one of the top most thing in our list. Our team of expert email marketers will thoroughly provide a structured way to approach your targeted audience and help you get noticed amongst the crowd. Right from Strategy building to message designing and shooting it to our existing database of potential customers, we will take care of it all. Building your brand reputation in the digital space is not only our responsibility, but a priority for us. Since we only grow when you grow. Unleash the hidden potential of your brand and products with Email Marketing.