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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing consists of promotional ads designed to appear on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. According to statistics, 40% of user’s internet time is found to be spent on mobiles and 80% of that time is spent on apps, gaming, etc. To gain maximum reach these promotional ads are most commonly displayed in between usage of a mobile application. Pop-up ads are most common mode of mobile marketing via apps. Beside app based marketing, mobile marketing has various other forms. They include in-game mobile marketing, QR Codes, Location Based Marketing, SMS Marketing and Mobile Image & Search Ads.


Let’s enter into immeasurably beneficial mobile advertising system.
In today’s era, the time has come that one cannot imagine their lives without Mobile devices. Teenagers today are aware of online world from an early age itself. Along with that, smartphones have become so cheaper and accessible to everybody, that it has become almost a necessity to have a smartphone for smooth communication. These facts have made it crystal clear that marketing has to go mobile. All because end users are available there.

There are numerous benefits of using Mobile Marketing Services which include accurate audience measurement, built in payment system, available tools to take pictures, videos and much more. The best part of mobile marketing is that even if the consumer is on a holiday, they still will not be out of your reach.

A saying goes by, ‘the more the risks, the better the chances of winning’. Mobile marketing and advertising if done in a systematic and neat way is sure to take your brand to the heights of the marketing world. But it is important to recognize your window of opportunity i.e. figuring out, at what times users use their mobile phones. Understanding the dynamics of end users’ internet usage on mobile is extremely crucial for successful mobile marketing. If done right, one can understand their customers, their locations and accordingly can provide consumers with deals which are uniquely relevant to them. iPhone Mobile Advertising and others should be on your list to leave the competitors behind.

Some websites and SMO Services offer customized ad design formats for advertising, and there are other applications on which ads have to be specially designed as per business requirements. Our Mobile Marketing Services are one of the best Mobile Marketing Services in India, Delhi/ NCR, Noida and Gurugram (Gurgaon). We provide holistic mobile marketing services framework


Location Based Services

Digital Marketing Xperts provide all types of Geo marketing services. With the advent of Android location APIs, it has become much easier for us to build a location based mobile application and target specific target audience on the basis of their location. Our state- of art mobile applications are always keen to serve your Geo marketing needs. The features of our location based mobile marketing services involve:


1. GPS based Mobile Marketing-
GPS based location-aware applications provide accurate location, and works only in outdoor situations. Our mobile marketing experts can not only target location based audience, but also can integrate these to your present digital presence.


2. Location Provider based Mobile Marketing-
It is most widely used and better than GPS mobile marketing. Android’s Network Location provider offer some of the best marketing scopes and location –aware mobile applications which can work both indoors and outdoors, respond faster and use less battery power.

Promotional Automated Call blast

Transmitting messages with voice broadcasting system is another efficient way to reach your targeted subscribers. The Automated call blast is one of such medium to promote your business. This is an outbound automated phone system that places calls and delivers the message to targeted users. It can interact with callers without any input from human, other than the recipients.

A. It is very cost effective.
B. It takes less time to deliver a message.
C. It allows you to communicate to your entire contact list effortlessly.
D. Automated call blasting is a voice broadcasting system. With it you can promote new products and services.
E. Sometimes this facility can be used to serve customer care inquires and also can send emergency alert messages.

Mobile Banner advertising

While using Google play store, or surfing through mobile applications, in your smart phones you can find many advertisement notifications and their banners continuously popping up or present on the display screen. These ads are known as mobile banner ads. They are very effective because many users tend to click on those ads. When you click on those banner ads a display message instantly appears on mobile display, asking you to proceed to download and install option. Digital marketing Xperts gives you the opportunity of designing and placing mobile banner ads for your product. We provide smart designed ad banners which will be helpful for product promotion.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Digital marketing Xperts provide promotional bulk SMS services, anywhere across India.
Bulk SMS, often known as promotional SMS, is one of the key tools of the mobile marketing sector.

The benefits of Bulk SMS marketing are:-
A. Bulk SMS are cost effective.
B. It is instant. You can send an instant SMS to any corner of the world, with in a blink of your eye.
C. You don’t need to invest huge capital for offline promotional activities and huge advertising program.
D. Our SMS marketing services will allow you to inform your clients through instant news; short advertisements and other promotional activities from your organizations. E. Bulk SMS services allow you to target a specific set of potential customers.
Our bulk SMS services can fulfil your multiple marketing needs, including brand promotion, product promotion, spreading general awareness about your products and services, any event publicity and seasonal sales or offers, etc.

2d Barcodes

A 2D bar code, also known as data matrix code, is a two dimensional matrix barcode consisting of two basic color cells i.e. black and white. These cells or modules are arranged in a square or rectangular pattern and are encoded with text and numeric data. Many foods, medicine and printing and other small industries use 2D barcodes where it prevents the products being packaged and dated incorrectly.

IVR(Interactive Voice Response) marketing

It is also a voice broadcasting technology that allows a computer to interact with your customers or subscribers. While interacting with humans, IVR uses prerecorded human voice and DTMF tones. Often, IVR systems are used for outbound calls where it serves to attend a high number of calls. IVR Systems can be implemented in mobile, telecommunication, banking, retail & entertainment and travel industries where it only intends to serve as a customer care service provider. We have provided IVR services to over hundred clients. This is a very popular type of our mobile marketing services.

Mobile App E-commerce

A number of smart phone users have increased. Most of our young generation uses their smart phones to surf through the internet. Not only this, most of them never prefers to visit a cybercafé to avail e-commerce website development services. Popular E-commerce websites like Flipkart, OLX and Snapdeal have made their presence felt in mobile marketing. So if you are on an E-commerce platform, it is the time to come to M-commerce. Digital marketing services can bring your e-commerce website to the mobile platform via app and mobile ads. With a strong and determined technical backbone Digital marketing Xperts can build a suitable mobile app for your E-commerce website.