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What is Online Reputation Management?

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… Until someone tweets it.” A single misleading rumor or negative comment about your brand can lead you to lose many valuable contacts. Online Reputation Management (ORM) manages and monitors online sentiments to neutralize the risks posed by negative online air surrounding your brand. The whole concept is based on the fact that ‘positives can only be highlighted once the negatives are mitigated’


Our brand reputation pundits at Digital Marketing Xperts have years of domain experience of providing successful Online Reputation Management Services to executives, politicians, small/ large businesses, and individuals. In a very short span of time, people’s dependence on the internet has increased by leaps and bounds. Google has earned the reputation of being the greatest search engine and now the virtual online world seems more real than the real world. Any information which is uploaded on internet enters the public domain and it NEVER LEAVES THE WEB.

‘A good reputation is more valuable than Money’. Your brand’s reputation online represents your personality. Before buying a product online, hiring a new employee or forming a new relationship, statistics show that people like to ‘Google It’ to measure how authentic it is.

Most clients who come to us for availing our online reputation management services do not come to us because their online reputation needs management rather most of them do not simply have much of a reputation online. Nonetheless, its advantageous, what’s better than a blank slate?

Why do you need Online Reputation Management Services?

If you have an embarrassing photograph, a negative review, a complaint online which needs replacement or reviewing, you need ORM Services. Your online reputation defines your business credibility and individual personality. It is in the digital space that consumers make their decisions about whether to connect with you or not in the first place.

You need to have a good content writing defining your story, positive reviews to maintain brand credibility and negligible negativity around your brand image.Once a negative review about your brand has been updated on the internet, you will never be able to get away with it.It will be shown in your profile till the time your brand will exist online. So one has to be really careful about their online strategies. It is quite obvious that no business can work without mistakes and it is only human to make mistakes. Our ORM Services in Delhi will ensure that you are never caught off-guard. Evidently it is difficult to fulfill everyone’s expectation, so you may end up receiving negative comments from the consumers. The best part about online reputation management service is that it helps us to overlook those negative reviews over the good ones. It's all about ‘managing the negative’ or ‘negating the negative’.

Only search engine optimization and social media services can help businesses make their brand visible to the consumers when required. You cannot run from online space.

Reputation management is not only healthy for brands or business, but also for individual working professionals. Even good employers look for a reputed candidate for their organizations. If your reputation is not impressive, it can certainly blow your dream job.

So like our society says “With success comes a reputation for wisdom”. In this transparent world, it is necessary to build a good reputation along with making some good money.

ORM services in India we provide

“There is nothing more stressful than to learn that someone ‘Googled you’ and decided to not bring their business to you due to what they found online.”

Strategy Development

The best position ORM can offer you is to bring you on a pedestal where your brand would not require management of negative reviews anymore. Depending upon what is your starting line, our data driven team of ORM experts will build an appropriate strategy for your online presence. It could involve designing of proactive and reactive strategies. This phase can take an approximate 60-90 days to bear fruits.

Running Preventive Campaign

Prevention is better than cure. Preventive campaigns can be the best long term strategy for managing reputation in the public domain. They are the best way to amend mistakes before anything damaging arises. We use varied modes to keep track of online sentiments prevailing about our clients. They include customer survey, business listing, reputation score amongst other tools.
Customer surveys help us get a peek into the new customers’ world and learn from old loyal customers. Our ORM team of experts accomplish this by sending simple survey mail requests immediately after their purchase/ experience.
Business Listings help you get full control over your local area business reputation. Our experts can help you build your credibility via accurate business listings.
Reputation Score involves your reputation across varied platforms in comparison to your competitors. Compare and track your reputation and outpace your competitors by managing it right.

Replacing Negative Reviews

Negative reviews seem more authentic and impactful to people than positive reviews. No matter if they might prove to be rumors. Managing negative reviews is not as easy as replacing them. First, it’s important to track all the platforms on which negative reviews may have been posted and then would require a strategy to neutralize them. Our ORM experts use advanced platforms, softwares and tools to manage negative reviews.

Review Monitoring

For responding to customers feedback, and generate positivity around your brand image require extensive review monitoring. We integrate third party APIs and other tools to track, respond and build positivity for client’s products/ services. Reports and Analytics are also used to monitor and respond to customer, employees and clients’ feedbacks.

Building Sustained Protection Strategies

Analysis of Performance Reports and Analytics is the core part of building protection strategies which will sustain for your business type. Creating such favorable online ambience for your brand is the ultimate goal of our ORM team.

Social Media Reputation Management

Did you know Social Media if dealt with properly could convert likes into your leads? Social Media provides detailed insight into customers’ stories. Beside Google, Social Media platforms highly influence prospective customers’ perspective of your brand.

Rebuilding Brand Image

Rebuilding trust is probably the most difficult part of ORM implementation. It certainly takes time and it is highly dependent on the extent of damage your brand image has been through. With our ORM experts you can be rest assured that your customers will grow to love you again.

Software Recommendation

This part of our Online Reputation Management Services are for those businesses who want to maintain an in-house team for ORM. ORM requires as advanced tools as required by SEO and Web Development. As per your budget, brand and goals, our ORM team will help your in-house team to use the right tools for proper ORM implementation.

Important Points to Consider

Before you come to us for cyber scrubbing, it is very essential that you consider these points:

  1. ORM is no magic wand. It is important that you and your organization is open to fixing the problems which exist. First of all, you must recognize the problem, then only our ORM team can become your accomplice in managing your digital reputation. Without efforts from your side, we are helpless even with the most advanced brains and technology at hand.
  2. If you have broken some law or gone against the law (cyber or state), We are sorry but we will not work with you.
  3. Online Reputation Management is not an overnight job. Your patience, your proactive support, our expert’s brains and our advanced tools, all are required to get the love your brand deserves.