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What is Press Release?

Press Release is an official piece of information issued out to digital newspapers, papers, magazines, etc. Publishing press release are the perfect way to optimize your website, publicize new products or services, and authentic link building. Did you know you could publish press releases even when you do not have any new information available? We have years of domain experience of providing professional press releases services to clients. Our services include PR Writing, PR Posting, PR Submission and PR Marketing.


Publishing press releases is the most vital part of ORM Services. May you have a new product/ service that you want to publicise or you want to publish most latest news related to a particular industry on your websites, Our press release services in India, Delhi/ NCR, Noida and Gurugram (Gurgaon) offers holistic press release services solutions. From keyword selection to designing a press release to submitting and distributing it across varied platforms, our creative team at Digital Marketing Xperts will give full tech and creative support to your products/ services.

Why publishing Press Releases is important for businesses?

Though overlooked by most businesses, press release is the most effective way to make your way in between new audiences and engage old audience.

If your company is organizing an event, or you are launching a new product or service to for other businesses and clients, in these cases not going for press release is equivalent to starting a business but not telling anyone about it. Press Releases are most used and efficient medium for first stage marketing.

If in case you are not organizing any event or not launching any new product/ service, you can still publish press releases publicizing your opinion/ analysis/ review of any latest happening, product or service. Publishing regular PR aboud new market happenings, gives a guaranteed boost to a brand’s image amongst audiences. It builds credibility in between customers.


Digital Marketing Xpert’s provide holistic press release services in India, Delhi/NCR, Noida and Gurugram (Gurgaon). We have an expert team of PR writers and distributors specifically dedicated to providing excellent PR services. They will pick segment specific latest news, will put their creative brains on work to write an engaging PR release, and finally submitting and distributing it across relevant directories.


We at Digital Marketing Xperts have a dedicated team of experienced and skilled PR team who have years of domain experience of writing PR for clients across 25 different industry segments. They will create information intensive, knowledgeable and creative PR sure to win you eyeballs.

Features of our PR Writing Services:

  1. Blending Knowledge and Creativity
  2. Subtly Promotional Content
  3. Conceptual Consultancy
  4. Keyword Optimized
  5. SEO Friendly Content


Harness the power of RSS/XML feeds with Digital Marketing Xperts’ PR Submission and Distribution services. Our team of PR experts will build domains so that your PR can be picked by several offline news agency.

Features of our PR Submission and Distribution Services:

  1. Guaranteed Exposure (Global and Local both as per business needs)
  2. Geo-Targeted Submissions
  3. Search Engine Directory Submission


If in case you have launched a new product or organizing an event, it is important that PR Creation is complimented with its distribution across high authority domains. Avail Digital Marketing Xpert’s Premium PR Submission services for those purposes.

Features of Premium PR Submission Services include:

  1. Distribution across high authority domains
  2. Submitted to real time journalists (Both online and offline)
  3. In accordance with Editorial Guidelines

Why Choose Digital Marketing Xperts for PR Services?

Digital Marketing Xperts have a team of PR writers and distributors who have years of experience of writing creative and promotional Press Releases for business across 25 different vertical segments. Our PR creators have a unique blend of creativity and technicality. Their knowledge coupled with authentic style of content writing development creates a productive mixture for businesses. Our writers can represent companies in the most positive light. Our distributors access every directory and portal to make a press release make an impression on media professionals across international arena. Along with being prime PR agency providing holistic Press Release Services in India, Delhi/ NCR, Noida and Gurugram (Gurgaon). We also add on an important component to PR publishing cycle i.e. TRACKING RESULTS. We also track results of our PR submission, and amend our strategies and data as per newly gathered data.

Benefits of availing our PR Services include:

  1. Enhanced Product and Service Visibility.
  2. Brand Value Augmentation.
  3. Greater Lead Generation Opportunity.
  4. Generation of Niche/ Relevant Audience.

“We become a bridge between services and customers.”

Give an opportunity to our PR service agents and we guarantee to leave you with ‘WOW’ factor. Our Digital Marketing Experts Guarantee exposure to clients.