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What is Website Redesigning ?

If your website is slow, if it runs on flash, don’t work on mobile devices, does not give clear direction, have unclear call-to-actions; it implies your website has outgrown its times. Now is the time to redesign your website according to the requirements of the new millennia. A competent website redesigning company can not only make you (website) a pretty face, but can increase your website visitors, sales and revenues.


For years, Digital Marketing Xperts has been providing a complete makeover to companies’ websites, image, and brands to give them a refreshing and compelling digital presence.

If your website is not yielding optimum results, is not letting credible visitors, is not attracting customers to say ‘WOW’, if the palms of your consumer base are glued to mobile devices and you are not, then that means your sales funnel is shrinking due to an outdated and worn out website. Get a digital edge over your competitors.

Having a dynamic website capable of changing on real-time basis with interactive and visually appealing elements is necessary today.

We have qualified, experienced and skilled professionals who will overhaul your present web presence with their innovative designs and campaigns. We devote a specialized project team on every website redesigning project involving SEO experts, Web developers, web designers, Social Media experts and Web Analytics team. Our comprehensive website redesigning services will make you more than just a pretty face.

Our website redesigning company and our experts work towards a singular goal of generating engagement around your brand. Configure your website to adapt to present day challenges with our website redesigning services. Our developers and designers are sure to bring your online business out of the shadows into limelight.

  1. Get your old website re-developed or re-designed.
  2. Customize your website with new plugins, gateways, etc.
  3. Redesign the graphics of your website.
  4. SEO optimize your website.
  5. Get a responsive website.
  6. Configure your website with video and image optimization.

Work With DMX Professional Website Redesigning Experts

Our Strategy

Only graphic redesigning will not work in today’s competitive age. Our strategy involves only one mantra- ‘Not letting go of the ‘BIG’ idea.’

Today’s users have matured and have high expectation from their retailers and service providers. Keeping this in consideration, our experts formulate a core position for clients’ businesses after researching on technology used, changes required, competitor analysis, etc. in order to give the best value addition to your end users. We do not let go off the center idea/ philosophy of your business and reflect that in final changes.

Our Work-Flow

Step1: In-depth analysis of clients’ present website features, functionality and analytics.

Step2: Designing a comprehensive competitor and present website analysis and conducting keyword search alongside.

Step3: Optimizing content, video and images of present website, improving navigation, etc.

Step4: Seamlessly integrating resultant changes to give new face to clients’ website with little to no downtime.


Quality and Optimized designs build authority amidst internet savvy visitors.

Gives clarity to content, navigation and call-to-action.

Refocus the core message of business.

Boosts conversion rates.